Celeste West :: Rollicking Spirit and Freewheeling Change Agent

The Missing Poem Is The Poem

Celeste West (1942-2008) loved plants, cats, women, books, raucous laughter, wine, questioning authority, good manners, and beer and in no particular order (that’s not exactly true, but we’d be hard pressed to prioritize honestly).

She Was A Booklegger

Litwin Books has recently published a book about Celeste, She Was A Booklegger: Remembering Celeste West. In it you will not only find stories by those who knew Celeste as well as folks who were influenced by her, but you will find a collection of Celeste’s own writing which is nearly impossible to find. Well worth the price of admission. Get it from Library Juice Press. Now.

The Main Branch of the San Francisco Public Library¬† in the Special Editions section houses Celeste’s archive of paper. The collection is ever growing. If you have something that you think should be part of the collection, you can email me, or contact the SFPL Special Editions archivists.

Celeste was an author as well as an independent publisher. You can see her books here.

A Lesbian Love Advisor

Please leave a comment! If you have been inspired by Celeste, please feel free to send me an email and I will post in a special section! If you have any questions about Celeste or this website send email to tina.perricone {at} gmail {dot} com

You can look forward to more about her on this website, but this is it for now. Currently I’ve got images from the Booklegger Magazine series to upload, as well as some Synergy Magazine images. I will add personal writings of Celeste as I can.


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