She Was A Booklegger

She Was A Booklegger

A book about Celeste has recently (just last week!) been published by Litwin Books. You can read about it and purchase it at Library Juice Press. In this exciting volume you will find writing by people who knew Celeste not just as a radical and revolting librarian, but as anti-nuke activist (who was very proud to have smuggled a baggie of spirulina in a very, very private place into jail, I kid you not), a friend, and co-vivante. You will read from good and radical folks who never met Celeste in person yet who are making their own remarkable marks in the world while tipping their hats in Celeste’s direction for her inspiration.

A very special treat of the book is the collection of writings by Celeste herself, all in one place, which is wonderful since most of the pieces are from hard to find issues of Synergy Magazine, Booklegger Magazine and her books which are out-of-print (though available for sale from her personal inventory from Tina, go ahead, click on the ‘Books‘ link. The price of admission is more than worth having this collection of words by and about this Word Witch.


2 Responses to “She Was A Booklegger”

  1. Nice job “Indigo Monkey”! Great home page!

  2. I’m excited to see this page! Did you send it to Toni? She’ll love it! We can direct students here!
    I’m still waiting for my copy of the book to arrive. Apparently it takes alot longer to cross the border! I’ll let you know when I’m holding it.

    Love, love, love,

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