A Lesbian Love Advisor

A Lesbian Love Advisor was Celeste’s first book that she authored herself after years of being an editor for other people. It was her friend and poet Elsa Gidlow who encouraged Celeste to write her own book.

Lesbian Polyfidelity

Lesbian Polyfidelity was a book that Celeste was very proud of, yet a caveat: the reality is that the practice was a failure. It caused more heartache than happiness and harmony. The book is well worth the information and I do encourage people who want information about polyamory to read it, as well as anyone wanting a perspective of Celeste herself through her excellent writing style and wit. However, be advised that while a worthy topic, and worthy writing, it was inspired (partially) and driven by (mostly), the energy that comes with the high sexual energy that many people who reside in the land of manic-depression hold within their constellation of being.

ELSA: I Come With My Songs

Celeste co-authored Elsa Gidlow’s autobiography, ELSA: I Come With My Songs.

From the back cover:

“Many know eighty-seven year-old Elsa Gidlow as an honored feminist poet, a philosophical anarchist and Taoist bon vivant. This is her radical and loving story: The triumph over long poverty, lack of education, and family tragedy; her joy as a word weaver ans as an irrepressible free spirit, free heart.”

Elsa was good friends with Zen Buddhist scholar Alan Watts, and they lived on the land that Elsa purchased with Roger Somers  in Mill Valley close to Muir Woods which she named Druid Heights.

I have new copies of all of these books which I will happily sell to you. Send email to tina.perricone {at} gmail {dot} com


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