Synergy Magazine

Synergy Index '67-'71

Synergy Magazine Index for 1967-71. Synergy was published monthly by the Bay Area Reference Center (BARC).  It began in 1967 as a four page mimeographed newsletter, it grew into an award winning periodical as a vehicle of communication from BARC with libraries around the country. The last issue of Synergy was published in Winter 1973.

Here is the inside page.


Awards presented to the Synergy staff. The first award reads, “For a highly contemporary, off-beat, consistently communicative, NOW-oriented publication, which in imaginative format and sprightly content matches its milieu, while giving useful service to its clientele.”


The second award (using words which describe Celeste the person just as well, especially ‘alive’ and ‘freewheeling’),” Alive, freewheeling in content, innovative in format, attuned to contemporary social problems, patron-oriented, in focusing its reference aids and bibliographic back-up on service to individuals rather than the abstractions of professionalism, Synergy sustains its promise, remains experimental, and serves as ombudsman of library literature.”

Celeste accepting award for Synergy at the ALA Conference in Detroit 1970. She was 28 years old.


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